Backend Error by a new player

Hi i am a new player just wanting to play with my friends, but everytime i enter the game it says back_end problem, i tried repairing Easy Anti-Cheat via the EasyAntiCheat_Setup executable and nothing, here are my console.log

console-2020-03-20-19.01.06-c394b702-365e-4799-84bb-c045995b5b40.log (64.5 KB) console-2020-03-20-19.03.31-b93f1f8b-285a-40cf-836a-bfdd86eb540c.log (42.7 KB) console-2020-03-20-19.07.44-a9895cb8-d860-45ec-ba24-3526317b6e0f.log (42.7 KB) console-2020-03-20-19.12.49-b9898fc4-ce7c-4ae3-98f0-6233825b1f0d.log (47.2 KB) console-2020-03-20-19.14.31-a6febb65-8021-454e-93ab-7c298a0912d5.log (39.7 KB) console-2020-03-20-19.19.45-c653b7da-a7d5-4443-ad24-15e6627057e4.log (42.2 KB)

So i used another router and i was able to play but in the middle of the game it crashes sometimes, maybe is an internet error or if you can enlighten me a little bit, thanks

console-2020-03-21-08.21.02-93b3070e-6700-4a46-b2ce-3e73e23d2e05.log (61.4 KB)

Just purchased as well, same problem.

Please see:

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