Backend error at game launch

Hey, One of my friends have an error that happend every time he launch the game without code error that’s just a backend error at the start and can’t play since a long time here is his log i hope you can do something for him or explain what we can do on our side.
console-2021-08-10-10.22.09-da5912bd-6707-4a57-acf9-ece78fc7ebd0.log (57.0 KB)
console-2021-08-10-10.10.28-960bebc2-9511-481d-b44e-41ba189422a4.log (46.7 KB)
console-2021-08-10-09.32.39-81be6747-a481-4235-acdf-b4ea29ae124b.log (56.2 KB)

I can see his account data is corrupted and I’ve passed this on to our Backend Engineers to look at. This should be remedied by tomorrow, if it’s still an issue then, please let me know. :slight_smile:

ty for that anwser i hope it will work sorry my english is not that good but thanks a lot and continue like that your game is great i enjoy it every time i play !!! <3

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