Back End Error. Please Help. console_logs

I know there are alot of topic about this.
as far as i know, i must provide the console_logs :

console-2021-03-10-06.27.18-128fda74-6618-49ce-8289-70cf5f39ab55.log (55.9 KB)

Please help. just bought the game yesterday and seems this issue can only be handled by dev (?)

and My Steam Download Region is : Indonesia

Sorry about this @thoa - I can see your account data is corrupted in our backend. I’ve passed this on to our Backend Engineer and he should be able to resolve this today. If this is still an issue for you by tomorrow, please let me know.

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Dear @FatsharkJulia ,

I can play my account now,
thank you for your support

Best Regards,


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