New Players Backend Error 1287

Few days ago I purchased this game m,y bud. We are excited to play however we keep getting this Error. (Backend Erro 1287) After like, 20 seconds of loading the game just make us force quit. I did for any ideas and I ended up Verifying my game files constantly, Restarted Steam, uninstalling Reinstall game, updating drivers, and restarting my pc. None of these seem to work and now im out of ideas and upset it’s not working. I don’t have any dlcs just the base game and I’m allowed to play in modded servers but not in the official. Please help thank you.

(Photo and Crash log included)

console-2022-06-05-19.55.17-1d494d6e-666c-4fd8-a0c0-4458fe896b5e.log (176.6 KB)

I believe I have responded to your submission via the Support Portal :slight_smile: my reply may be in ‘Spam’. Thank you!

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