Back End Error 1342 (8/7/2019) 22:53

Constantly, can’t load into the game.

Same North EAST USA here. Back end error 1342. Other friends said same thing.

We literally made a post in same minute of each other lol.

Sweden here. Servers are probably down.


FS is looking into it now.

Looks like it could have been a small hiccup. I’m keeping tabs.

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Looks to be all good. Will keep tabs until I fall asleep. Thanks for the heads up!

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Well i just received the Error 1342 when transitioning from weave 5 to the finale.
console-2019-08-07-22.56.37-0dba62a4-8cfe-4fd5-a503-19597c85c055.log (924.2 KB)

Yea, myself and my premade are getting them as well. Strangely enough, they don’t disconnect you from the game. So the person who gets it, if they are host, you just let them die and clear the map. When you enter the bubble, everyone still gets a clear and the person with the error will end up back in the keep with the error gone…

same here, used to usually happen at end of match and now i cant even login

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