Career specific voice lines

I was looking forward to career specific voice lines, cant remember it being a promised feature, maybe i imagined it.

Either way could the current lines be tweaked to filter them between careers? I was playing zealot and he declared at one point ‘for sigmar and karl franz!’ despite the zealot plot explanation ‘victor no longer places his trust in organisations and strictures of the empire, but in sigmar alone’.

I was a little disappointed at first that there isnt even a tone change between careers. Slayer bardin who is meant to be fighting to his death is just as jolly as his other careers. Not sure if i was expecting too much, but the voice lines of VT1 were so fantastic/satisfying it really feels like VT2 has gone backwards with character audio.

Would love to hear other people’s opinion, thanks!

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Was looking forward to the slayer and the zealot the most from their lore descriptions but they dont feel very immersive, just feels like a skin and not like you’re playing crazed killing machines.

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Agree I’d really like to hear a difference between the careers for their regular banter and callouts. Ult Voice line differences are pretty awesome though.

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