More career specific lines please!

This line said by Shade is probably the coolest in the game and I wish there were more career specific ones such as this. It really adds flavour and would help add some variety to the now repetitive selection of banter, though I understand it might take a lot of work to implement this kind of thing properly.

At any rate, I’d at least like to see some of these extremely rare lines play more often, or perhaps just see some dialogue ported over from VT1 to increase diversity.


Slayer be like:
“Oh, through my armour”
I guess tatoos can work as kind of armour magically, or better “runecally”

If I recall correctly, when dwari’s take the slayer oath, they have metal actually infused into their skin. Their skin becomes literal armour. Don’t quote me on this, I don’t know too much about those filthy cave dwelling midgets.

Also, I’ve heard a voice line from Kerillian were she claims Araloth is her cousin. Which would mean that Kerillian is from Talsyn in Athen Lohren and is practically elven royalty. So I guess when she says, “bow before your queen”, she wasn’t joking. Which makes it all the stranger why she had to leave… she must of done something really bad…


If I recall correctly, which I usually do not. The tattoos are infused with that special Gromril metal the dwarves use and their skin becomes like a latticework of metal like skin. This and their seeking a glorious death in combat is why they do not wear armor or use shields or MOST ranged weapons. Thrown weapons are permitted but no rifles or crossbows or such

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So little logic behind these. I wanna commit seppoku and wont use armour or ranged. But just for case, will infuse liquid metal undermy skin

Dont try to figure out dwarf logic…I’m not even sure they make sence to themselves

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Yes most of the voicelines seem catered to the starting career. Huntsman isn’t grumpy enough, Bounty Hunter is too posh, and so on. After forgoing a major personality change, people (and dwarfs/elves) are going to say different things than they said before, no matter the situation.

This bothered me a lot at release, but I’m mostly over it now.

I’d love some additional voice-lines, too. I think some other good points to slip them in might be for passives, such as Shade proccing her Backstab, Ironbreaker consuming his Gromril Armor, or the Mercenary Captain activating Paced Strikes.

I’m not sure if there’re voice lines tied to these already, but I just figured it might be simpler to attach them there than to latent dialogue, which can be hard depending on both roles: Shade <-> Pyromancer would likely interact differently than Waystalker <-> Unchained, but at that point I’d say it’s not worth the effort. That’s recording lines for 1 character talking to 12 others; repeated 14 more times… can’t do that much work and not charge for it.


Well, I’m pretty sure from the beta that I heard new voice lines. People heard them on the streams during open beta. But then again, after 1,500+ hours on live, I still hear a new voice line every now and then. Some are scripted I think to very specific events. The one the OP shows in the video I’ve heard maybe once. But then again, I don’t play shade much.

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Yeh, there are a few. I’d hope there’ll be more in the future.
The new expansion at least does have new lines for the beastmen, so they had to get all voice actors back into the studio. Might as well get some extra lines.

Some of the new voicelines are for being downed by a specific enemy as in different ones for being downed by SV or roger, also some are for being disabled by disablers. Then there are new lines for shielded enemies, and yes, for beastmen too. Also there is short conversation during the weaves about the specific weave they are in, so multiple lines from each character for all 8 weaves.

To @Haybear: I think those lines are tied to one character who is at a specific point at a specific time during an event, most likely the one at front, but i could be wrong, would need extensive testing. :sweat_smile:

Back to @SmokerT69 (or maybe you both, as you are as equally enthusiastic about Kerillian): I’m making a different post about Kerillian, i have a theory about her absence from Athel Loren, was getting a tad to big for here.


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