can't change the value of the XYZ of my mods anymore?

currently trying or tried to change this about my hud but the mod manager resets(?) the XYZ back to the default settings and i can’t change anything, i tried turning my mods off and on again and i’m holding reinstalling all my mods as a last resort

any suggestions or fixes anyone knows of? thank you!

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Currently there are many problems with mods since the launch of new DLC, most of the mods dont work properly or cause issues within the game.

U can check here for all known issues and which mods dont work or cause problems.

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You can, but it’s bizarrely hard and inconvenient. Press on the value and try pressing right below it. There’s an invisible slider. That’s how I fixed some of my UI Tweak XYZ values. Good thing only buffs broke for me.

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