Chat is minuscule, even though I have Hud-scaling off

Why did you have to start playing around with the UI at all Fatshark? There were nothing wrong with it for an enitre year, and now it’s simply broken. Just why?

No mods installed.

I should also say, the “chat-font size” is the same as it always have been

Clearly you missed all the posts on here and elsewhere complaining about the UI, because a lot of people had issues :rat::dagger:


To my knowledge they screwed up the UI very recently, in an update; could have been the Mutators-update.
I can’t recall reading any posts in the Bug-section before that complaining about the UI not working at all. If you tell me otherwise, could you please show me a post from between a month ago all the way to the launch of the game, that details the UI being broken?

The issue I have happened after the supposed “fix” for the issues introduced with the Mutators-update.

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