Ui scaling issues? (new problem?)

Today i logged in and my UI seemed to be set to maximum (enlarged) value and nothing I do in the options screen will change it to a smaller size. (chat font 16 or 20, custom HUD scale (on)/custom hud scale value 70 or 100)

Every graphic associated with the UI is huge.

I’m running on an ultra wide monitor just wondering if anyone else is getting this issue?

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Also have this issue. Last time I manually changed the scaling in the config file the game decided to wipe my entire settings and some bindings so I’m not going to touch that.

Also have this issue and I’ve complained already about it. But good thing someone else complains too :smiley:

I’ve raised it as a bug.

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Having this issue as well. Temporarily adjusted my FoV to 90 (from 80) and my Custom UI Scaling to 80 (from 100). Setting any resolution doesn’t seem to work regardless if it’s Windowed, Borderless or Full Screen too.

Hoping for a fix soon!

Any updates with this issue? Latest patch still didn’t fix this for me.

In we decreased the value on the HUD scale allowing players to scale down to 50% (previously 70%). However, we’re aware people are still unhappy with the sizing of menus and such, which we intend to address soon.

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Good to know. I’m playing on a 1440p monitor, and everything’s just zoomed in as if it were 1080p resolution. I changed the HUD scale, but changing the settings to Windows, Borderless Fullscreen, or Full Screen at my native resolution just doesn’t work, and makes character/enemies’ faces look blurry.

Looking forward to this fix. Thank you.

The blurriness is a separate issue (also due to be patched) but in the mean time you can work around it by either switching to DirectX 11 or switching off the ‘Skin Shading’ option. :slight_smile:

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