Cannot use steam overlay on modded realm

Title says all.

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Would you be able to list which mods you’re using please?


Oh boy there are a lot …

  1. DwOnS QoL
  2. onslaught
  3. Cata 3 & deathwish
  4. flight
  5. Helpers
  6. thp rebalance
  7. skip cutscenes
  8. beastmen loader
  9. photomode
  10. mission timer
  11. vermitannica
  12. VMF
  13. remove hanged corpses
  14. crosshair kiill confirmation
  15. healthbars
  16. show dmg
  17. creature spawner
  18. give all hats etc
  19. more items library
  20. save weapon
  21. give weapon
  22. boss kill timer
  23. clock
  24. friendly fire indicator
  25. ui tweaks
  26. customizable zoom sensitivity
  27. notice key pickup
  28. host your own game
  29. reroll improvements
  30. crosshair fix
  31. item filter
  32. bot improvements
  33. countries in lobby browser
  34. crosshair customization
  35. killfeed tweaks
  36. chat block
  37. neuter ulty effects
  38. no wobble
  39. parry indicator
  40. scoreboard tweaks
  41. penlight lua libraries
  42. loadout manager
  43. armory
  44. player list plus
  45. weapon kill counter
  46. ui improvements
  47. simple ui
  48. skip intro
  49. needii
  50. numeric ui

Weird thing is that it works with dx11 and not with dx12

Wow! :smiley: Thank you for taking the time to list them. I’ll have to pop this over to our QA department, apologies I can’t be of immediate help!

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Thanks for getting back so fast :smiley: Since I have the work around with the dx11 it’s okay. But it is kinda annoying to switch the dx every time I alternate between modded and official so I would appreciated if it got fixed.

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