Removing this screenshot ruining HUD

I would like to take screenshots , its kinda my “fetish” but HUD in screenshots literally irritates me , anyone know how to get the HUD the heck outa there ?

Still looking for answers :frowning:

I’m afraid it’s not possible to remove the HUD completely, for now. If I find any info on how you can do it, I shall try to share it with you =)

Let’s hope the devs can add it as a QoL soon™

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still wanting this real badly :stuck_out_tongue: still no solution ?

We will probably discuss this internally, since I’ve got this request from other directions as well.


This would be great. I have steam overlay enabled in VT2 only to take screenshots. Taking screenshots without the HUD would rock!

I would really appreciate the ability to hide all of the HUD. I would also like to be able to disable outlines around items.

For a ridiculous workaround, you can switch to mod realm and load up the “Perfect Dark” mod that removes all UI elements.

The Photo mode mod allows you to do this (and pause time to get that perfect angle).

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