Sharing my first mod! Hide UI

Hi! Yesterday I published my first mod ever! Might be a bit too excited for such a simple mod but still. It adds a keybind to quickly toggle the UI on and off, for screenshots or just immersive gameplay.

Comes with three settings, one hides most of the UI, but keeps enough to still be functional for gameplay (like prompts, subtitles, twitch votes, etc), the second one turns it off completely, and the third one also turns it off completely, but also hides the first person arms and weapons.

I’m hoping to get it sanctioned, but I want to make sure it doesn’t break anything before even applying it, so the more people that try it out and leave feedback, the better.

Thx for reading!

EDIT: Gave it some more polish, updated it and applied it for sanctioning! Here’s hoping!


Hey good job! Sorry for asking but isnt there already a screenshot mod who does all those things?

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Ooooooh! This needs to be sanctioned ASAP! (once you’re happy with it of course)
Had a mod like that for Skyrim and I’ve been thinking it would be a very nice addition to Vermintide. Playing with limited UI but being able to have a quick glance at it is great! :+1:

I was under the impression that one is more for setting up fancy screenshots and not so much for gameplay. Maybe it does both? I’m not sure, though.


Photo Mode is a fantastic mod for taking screenshots, but it has a bunch of features that mean it can never sanctioned, like pausing the game, moving the camera freely, etc. My mod is much more limited, but I’m hoping to get it sanctioned so it can be used in the official realm.

Right?? I really got into making this because there’s been so many times where I’m playing this game and the setup is perfect for a screenshot but the pesky ui with its healthbars and everything is in the way :sweat_smile: I got the idea when the weekly event with the Act on Instinct mutator was around, I got a loooot of screenshots that week.


So I just went on the modded realm (for the first time ever, yay!) and tried it. It’s so simple yet so amazing. I need this on live, like right now! :heart_eyes:

Only played one map with it, but I did not run into any issues (anything noticeable anyway).
Thanks a bunch for this! Can’t wait for it to get sanctioned.


That’s great! I’m glad you like it so much!
I was just testing it on the modded realm too, was trying to make sure that it played nice with the Act on Instinct mutator (making sure nobody can use it to cheat themselves out of the mutator.) (Had this on my mind before even typing a single line lol)
Fun fact, Against the Grain is horrible without the UI, I couldn’t find the bloody key to get into the bloody barn, lmao.

Tomorrow I’ll sit down and do some more coding on the mod, try to make the arms-toggle thing be a bit more polished. The arms/weapon toggle is the bit of the mod that I’m most concerned with it breaking things.


@KaelusVonSestiaf has this mod been approved yet? Just wondering because I absolutely love having no HUD in my games.


Sadly no! Still waiting, but I’m not holdin’ my breath, haha.


Longest wait of my life… argh.

The Empire needs this mod sanctioned immediately.


I agree! I need this mod in my life.

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