Reshade 4.3.0 Finally support DX12. But.... EAC finally released version to support directX12, and for me vermintide II is one of the few games that runs ALOT better on dx12, after you played for a few hours and all shaders have loaded for it.

Was “hyped” finally using it with dx12 in vermintide since know reshade is supported/whitelisted for your game.

But damn EAC… c…blocked me from using it when i try loading the game.

Would you consider sending a request to Easy anti cheat and tell them to get their “… out of their …” and whitelist the newest version?

Allready sent them a request to whitelist it, but im sure they listen to you (devs) more then a simple pleb… that plays & enjoy your game.

Thank you in Advance, and a good weekend!

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Does it work in modded realm? Havent tried the dx12 version yet but I cant get any reshade to work in modded realm even though there’s no eac (right?), it crashes on launch on the current vermintide 2 build but was working a few months ago.

As Reshade was only recently updated, I’m sure Easy Anti-Cheat are in the process of whitelisting the latest update - it can take some time.

Not sure if they whitelist each game seperate or if they whitelist the Reshade.version with all games thats allowed using reshade in one go.

Thank you for the answer no matter.

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