Vermintide 2 Official World is crashing after 10 seconds or even immediately

Hi ya’ll
Problem is that Vermintide 2 crashing in official world after logo and half of intro (or even without start, just crash immediately without start)
What I’ve done already:
updated my windows 10
updated graphical drivers and others (AMD, acer aspyre 5)
run ALL (steam, game, setups) as admin
uninstall-reinstall easyanticheat (after game launch I see in proccess manager that it starts), but when crashing immediately I don’t see it
used selective startup
set all graphic settings to minimum
set working threads to minimum
checked the game files via steam
Reinstalled all redists.
tryed both directx 11 & 12 (my dxdiag shows 12 directx)

My log:
GUID: 27e438c4-57a7-4275-a239-b321b2cf0d25
Log File:
Info Type:

I’ve done everything already, but game won’t run.
Modded realm working well, but official constantly crashing.
If the only difference between modded and official is EAC - then I don’t understand what to do else. Did everything what I could find in internet, but anyway getting crash.

Pls help with this.

Hi @FattyShark,

It appears that your GPU is below the minimum requirements for Vermintide 2, so this could be resulting in the crashes you’re experiencing.

Though, you mention that Modded realm is working, which indicates the issue may be related to our Easy Anti-Cheat service.

It seems you’ve already tried all of our usual recommendations in this situation, so I’m a bit of a loss at what to suggest.

In this instance, I’m happy to contact Steam and request a refund on your behalf (providing you purchased through Steam originally), please let me know if this is something you’d wish to do.

Sorry I’m unable to be of more help :frowning:

EAC can conflict with anti-virus protection? bcuz I have COMODO Internet Security, it’s very strong AV. but I read that EAC whitelisted, so what’s happening with it IDK.
Remove Comodo “just for check” will be painful (their HIPS is learning your PC for best experience), removing it will cause re-start that process.
Just IDK what can else I do for EAC. is there some other recommendations?

Yes, it’s possible for anti-virus software to conflict with EAC. Perhaps instead of removing Comodo, if possible ensure you have firewall and anti-virus exceptions in place for both Vermintide 2 and the Easy Anti-Cheat service.

didn’t helped. added in windows firewall, in comodo firewall apps:
eac from program files (and libs)
vermintide dx12 from steam folder and eac libs from there

and one thing noticed just now - when game crashed, eac is showing warning icon in tray icons but after click on it or trying to navigate mouse on it, immediately disappears.
any suggestions?

It’s my understanding Comodo have whitelisted Easy Anti-Cheat. Do you have the latest version of Comodo installed?

confirming that it is ONLY eac problem - launched HALO MCC - getting crash. without eac, like with vermintide, all OK.
Easy Anti-Cheat - did everything described here. some problems solved (about crashing on launch), but anyway game crashing AFTER intro.
So problem is still exists.

replying to your question - yes, comodo is up-to-date.

IDK what I can do else. Strange thing.

And, if I can’t solve problem anyway, can you tell me what difference between official and modded realm?

I’ve played vermintide 2 about 25 hours few years ago, wanted to play again, but you know what happened.

So IDK what is the difference (no exp or what?)

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