Discord Overlay Doesn't Show in Modded Realm

Been having an issue recently where my Discord overlay only shows up rarely in modded realm, but shows up in live consistently. This doesn’t seem to be the case for everyone. @Nayre hasn’t had an overlay in almost a year, while other modded players (such as @Sleezy) have no problem with it showing up at all (tagging these guys so they can perhaps give more insight to their experiences).

Relevant info:

  • PC is an i9-9900k/RTX 2080 Super
  • Discord is up to date
  • Running the latest version of Windows 10
  • On current build of Vermintide

I run these unsanctioned mods:

  • Onslaught
  • Spawn Tweaks
  • True Solo Quality of Life
  • Save Weapon
  • Give Weapon
  • More Hats and Frames
  • More Items Library
  • Give All Hats, Skins, and Paintings
  • Cata 2 & 3 in Adventure Maps
  • True Private
  • Named Items
  • Skip Cutscenes
  • Crosshair Kill Confirmation
  • Item Spawner
  • Creature Spawner
  • Dodge Count UI
  • Accessibility Captions
  • Fail/Win/Restart Level Command
  • More Corpses
  • Less Annoying Friendly Fire
  • No Overcharge Damage Indicator
  • Flight Mod
  • Execute Lua In Game
  • Deed Mutators Selector
  • Letterbox Tweaks

That’s a beefcake PC :flushed:

Also, if you’re on when I get on, we can compare settings and see if it’s something we can work around.

Ha, yeah, best decision I ever made; but felt it necessary to specify what I was running since my previous potato PC never had this issue.

I’ll ping you next time we’re on at the same time. Thanks!

Thank you Exan, I’ve raised this with development.

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