Cannot reach 2nd grim on CoD

The 2nd grim location on the Convocation of Decay map was one of the easiest jump puzzles in the game. I had absolutely no problem climbing up the rock cliff and then hopping onto the ledge.

That is, until today.

Does anyone know if the hitboxes have changed or is anyone else having problems with this jump now?

Every time I try to jump up, I get pushed back like I was hitting an invisible wall. I spent 5 minutes trying to get up there but couldn’t.

I was playing the HM and even tried dashing up but, again, got pushed back from some weird invisible force.

I find it odd that a couple of days ago I could make the jump easily and on the first try but I couldn’t even get up to the ledge.

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Well the right route with the cart is really easy.


Yes, it was changed this beta. I noticed myself it’s a lot harder to get to the grim, and the ammo chest. You now have to get to the high rock, then jump almost to the edge without falling over to below, then you jump across to the other side. Not sure why they made it so much harder to get over.

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