Festering Ground - 1st grim chest not interactable

QP as host, after picking up the key (console log shows the key was picked up at 18:26) neither I nor the other players were able to interact with the grim chest.

console-2021-05-06-16.42.33-86b0e699-665c-4c1b-a5c9-de501b2265d8.log (3.0 MB)

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You really have to step on it and go directly above the grim to open the chest and pick it up. Even if the chest is open and you’re staring at it, you have to be standing practically on top.

Huh. I’ve grabbed this grim a thousand times before and never had an issue opening the chest and picking it up. Maybe I was just standing too far back this time.

This definetly changed in the last couple of patches. Before CW you could just stay on the rocks and not worry about any special positioning.

I’ve taken a couple of screenshots:

As you can see you have to stand on the chest and on the grim.
But you can’t tell the bots to grab the grim anymore. At least not in the couple of minutes I’ve tried to get it to work.


Ah, got ya. Thanks, I’ll try that next time.

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