Festering Ground chest remains locked

While playing Festering Ground earlier today, I picked up the key for the chest containing the first grimoire. However, the chest itself offered no interaction options and the grimoire could not be taken.

As can be seen in the chat log, the key was picked up: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Anecdotal evidence, but I saw a stream earlier this week in which another player encountered the same issue.


Had the same problem yesterday.

Same - this going to be fixed soon? How do you break a map thats been in game since start?

I experienced this today as client; were any of you hosting when it happened? The host was able to interact with it

I was playing solo with bots.

Happened to me 3/3 tries, I was always hosting IIRC

Its actually not locked you need to stand on it and aim on far end of chest, its stupid


same problem

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