Convocation of Decay Grimoire Key Fails to Spawn

The key to unlock the chest in order to pick up the second grimoire is not spawning on some matches. I’ve personally seen the key spawn in all locations after playing the map 5 times. However, on the last match that I played, the key did not spawn in any of the locations and the terrain does not appear to be covering it up.

My team and I searched each location thoroughly, slowly moving our mouse over the locations to see if we could get the key pickup tool tip to show. I have no actual data as to what causes the key to fail to spawn, but tomorrow I’ll try to do a few runs to test some possible causes.

In the match that the key failed to spawn two new things happened that had not happened in the previous matches.

  1. A teammate was killed before reaching the drop down and respawned in the area with the keys.
  2. The new item spawn location (by the key opposite the exit door) had a med-kit instead of a healing draught.

Others have also experienced this (“Convocation of Decay challenge is bugged”), but no one seems to know what causes it and it is not 100% reproducible, but does seem to happen often.


Experienced it yesterday as well. :thinking:

Yep, rather annoying one XD Only got it once though.

Had this happen twice. 2/2 times I’ve gotten to map on Quick Play, the key never spawned.

I did about 25 runs on conv in a row over the past week and it’s just about 1/3 of the time that the key doesnt spawn.

or are there new locations? maybe in another room

The bug has been acknowledged by the dev team, so it’s unlikely they have moved the keys to another location.

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