Festering Grounds - First Grimoire

After CW update we couldn’t get first grimoire from the chest - chest won’t open, we have the key, chest glows with outline but no interaction. Thought “Pickup Notice” mod might cause it, but turning it off didnt fix the problem. Also - on Athen Yenlui also first grimoire, there was a fix so you can’t pick it up from below anymore?
List of mods: Host Quick Play Games; Killfeed Tweaks; Numeric UI; Persistent Ammo Counter; Reroll Improvements.

I’ve noticed this too. It seems that they changed the pickup hitbox for the grimoires.

You can still open the box, but you have to climb over the box and the hitbox is very small.

Couple of screenshots on how to get it.

Most others feel fine.

This doesn’t feel intentional, considering the changes Fatshark have made over the past year or two regarding grimoires, to make them easier to access or at least more consistent.

The changes might only be on Festering Grounds’ and Athel Yenlui’s first grimoires.

Not sure about that. I recall that the first grim in Righteous Stand could be easily jumped to without going to the floor above. Then they patched the game to block that jump. The current version requires a much harder jump on the same floor, or go the longer path by jumping from the floor above.

Seems similar to the current Athel Yenlui first grim situation where it now can’t be jumped from directly below, and you’d now have to do a jump puzzle to get to the ledge above.

Ok, I tested this out a bit. I can repeat with no mods on. You have to walk not only on top of the chest but far enough that your character sinks low enough to open the chest and pick up the grimoire.

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