Seemingly unpickable grimoire

Issue Description:
While playing Chasm Logistratum we came across a grimoire spawn location from which only one of us actually got a prompt to pick it up. My best guess is that character height is the issue, as the person in question had the shortest character among the group and thus their camera viewpoint was the only one from which the game could draw a sufficiently long line to the item. See screenshot attached for grimoire location. Those are the tunnels where the trains periodically ride overhead.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play Chasm Logistratum with grimoire secondary objective as a tall character.
  2. Luck out and have grimoire spawn exactly as the screenshot shows.
  3. Try to pick up the grimoire.
  4. Profit?

Mission Name:
Chasm Logistratum


Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
As per screenshot date: 19/11/2022 08:46:16 pm GMT+1

Reproduction Rate:
We only got this to happen once, presumably will work for grim in this spot at all times.

Upload Supporting Evidence:

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Can confirm. This is one of the locations I also found an unreachable grimoire, but none of the players in game could activate a prompt to pick it up.

To add to the main post, another grim has been found in a location, which made it difficult to pick up (if not impossible) for some characters. Also inside level geometry, technically. If this was a Scripture and thus not glowing, we would’ve never seen it. I did manage to pick it up by walking away while crouched and spamming pick up button at the gap between the floor and the furniture, so there’s that. Can’t remember the mission name for this one, as I played it days ago. I guess check the objective for reference?

Do you remember what the mission objective was/what type of mission it was?

Objective (or one of them) is literally on the screencap. I sadly do not remember anything else.