XB1 Righteous Stand Grimorie 1

I used to be able to grab the first grimorie nit now it appears there is a wall where you were able to jump through. I can’t figure out a new path and every video I find shows that area without the wall. I used to jump from mattress to boxes to boxes to the top right for the crate grimorie. I just see a wall now and no newAvenue. Does anyone have a video, link to a video or a detailed description of how to or if I need a specific character that jumps higher? Anything would be helpful.

Have to jump down from the second floor of that area.
A bit easier to do with a career that has a dash ability.

I watched some videos on this. It seems on the PC version, the boxes/crates are on one side of the new wall, and on XB1 version, they’re on the other. As those crates are what you land on to reach the grim, that wall makes it impossible. The only way currently is to use a leap ability such as the slayer’s to jump from the horizontal bed post to the stack cratesat the end of that hall section.

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