Cannot join any Public lobbies in Darktide

Help, I’m not able to join any public lobbies with my level 30 vet, trying from 5 hours and all I get is bots, not a single player joined my lobby so far, i also get crash sometimes, me and bots slide to the corner get stuck and server crashes

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Got a similar case happening to me. I’m playing from Brazil, and contrary to the high population we can see in sites like steamdb, more often than not, the game throw me to play alone with bots instead of allowing me to join some party not fully populated (and even when playing with another players, a full party without bots seems quite rare).
I understand that there should have some internal distribution occurring on fatshark’s side, either by the several mourningstar’s instances, regions, pings, etc. but in Vermintide 2, for instance, we are allowed to check ALL the public games rolling and apply to join them according to our preferences (in my case, I am able to join several other regions other than brazilian located players without significant loss of quality of gameplay).
The workaround that I found so far is to use the social tab and fish for recent played people and fish for those either playing alone or without a full party, with the disadvantage of not knowing mission type, difficulty, etc.
I would like to know if this team populating mechanic hurt other players regions as well or if it is something chronic to the current party gathering mechanics fatshark is using.

Seems to be a bug as it was “acknowledged” on the bug forum a few days ago. No word on when it’s going to get fixed though. Really hope it gets fixed next patch considering 2 have passed since its acknowledgement.

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Ty for the info. Hopefully they really do something about it soon enough.