Can you please remove the locks on crafting?

It adds no enjoyment to the game. Its hard enough to get a weapon you want with the stats that you want . To then have the locks on it preventing you from changing everything is incredibly irritating and not fun. I want to build the weapon exactly how I wish.

To anyone who thinks I would just get the weapons I want and stop playing you are incorrect. I would play even more if I could actually make a build exactly the way I want.

Some suggestions. Make it cost 1000 diamantine to unlock weapons so there is a proper diamantine sink in the game. Or perhaps you could add a prestige thing with the unused experience at level 30. Every time you level up 5 times past level 30 Hadron gives you the “Omnissiah Gift” which fully unlocks the potential of a weapon you choose. This way you can keep the player retention you so desperately desire.


I agree but there has to be a price for it, give people the agency to work towards what they want, but don’t just give it to them.


I`ve got all weapons that i wanted and lost interest in the game. So please, leave locks in place so when they will add new weapons/blessings I will have something to do and to grind.

I think the lock should go, be it only because it’s going to be quite frustrating when they start balancing the blessings by nerfing some of them.

If they hard nerf one blessing that is the locked one on your favorite weapon then you’re stuck with it until you forge a whole new weapon.


Great mentality your have there. You are the reason why the world is going down the toilet. “I got mine so screw everyone else.” Go kick rocks.


On my zealot, I have now several boltgun / several tactical axes and, my favorite weapon, several combat axe totally differents.
I have got BM + headtaker, BM + decimator, Decimator + Headtaker, BM + Thrust, Thrust + Thunderous… why? cause I try to get T4 blessings and from time to time I test to consacrate to orange a new combat axe.
I really think that the lock is not something that forbid a player to plays like he wants and that restrain the possibilities of gameplays, as, now, we can craft really fast a good weapon.

But, I would prefer to ask that we can upgrade a blessing on a weapon. Like, by example, you have BM T1, that you could upgrade it to BM T3 (or T4 if you’re lucky enough to have it).

Btw, about the demand of this thread… there is 0% chances they do it… There was so many posts about this that, if they wanted to do it, they would have done it by now.

Btw, about the demand of this thread… there is 0% chances they do it

Are you a developer? even if you are there aren’t anything wrong with asking for a change.

Also I don’t know why you trying to discourage people from asking when there isn’t anything to lose.

I don’t try to discourage… post it lot of times…
i f you check the forum, this has been posted numerous times.

I won’t quote all posts that ask the same…

Sure, I am not a developer. I give just my opinion that it won’t happen…

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The locks made me instantly stop collecting T4s after this update happened, its not like you’ll be rolling 2 on a decent weapon that you actually want. Kinda pointless to even have the collection tbh.

And Fat Shark were equally pig headed about Dust in Vermintide 2, seriously it was a battle for dust conversion and red dust, but they were made part of the game and improved it, despite Fat Shark’s objections. Locks, hourly shop, mission board and resource siloing are all incredibly unpopular. Hence all reviews slamming those over talking about any gameplay concerns, they’re that bad. They are not systems of fun, which is what a game is. Or was.


Or maybe they just haven’t figured out how they want to implement it?



Question is:
Can you please remove the locks on crafting?

Sure, they think about how they will do it…

Yeah i can see why you are not a dev. Maybe they want new resource to remove it, maybe they tie it to red tier? You know there are options to how you implement it.
Or maybe just maybe they never will.
Id bet half the features in vermintid2 would never have happened if everyone were so pessimistic.




I don’t say it will never come… I just say that they don’t want to implement this change now.
They did not take in consideration the demands before the patch we have just received… why would they change it now just after delivering it?

There’s nothing wrong to ask a change… there’s something strange to continue to ask it every days (I don’t say OP did that, but there are others that post about this and this mean that every days we see someone asking for that…).

Btw, I won’t continue to post here. This thread will go in the same bandwagon of the others like that (muted).
I really think that the lock of a blessing or perk is not the end of the world (except of the curios that I think there’s a change needed on something here…). Sure it forces to craft several weapons instead of only one, and that’s why I think the won’t come back on this change.
That’s my personal opinion, and that will be my last post in this thread. I just hope we won’t see again a new thread about that tomorrow.

Yeah or they just pushed the core crafting out because literally everyone was complaining about it. We really don’t know if “this” is it in terms of crafting.
It might as well be but we also never had dust conversion or red dust in vermintide until people pushed for it.

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The locks on Perks and Blessings are a big point of contention for me. They serve no purpose other than to artificially increase player engagement and are a big cause of frustration for me and for others.

The locks should absolutely go, IMO, as they can prevent players from being able to work towards a specific goal more often than not.

Instead of locking one Perk and one Blessing on weapons (but especially the 2 locked perks on Curios!) I’d prefer to have an increased resource cost to change the things I don’t want. Personally, I’d rather spend more time playing the game and grind for the necessary crafting materials than sitting around on the Mournigstar and hoping for something good in the Armory or from Melk (or even Brunt) and then having to roll the dice with Hadron over and over again.

Fatshark will never ever see money from me ever again. I will never recommend their games (any of their games) to anyone and I will go out of my way to warn people to stay away from their products if this is what they think makes a fun gaming experience.

It’s so baffling to me how a company can create something that could by all means be a masterpiece if not for the tacked-on gambling mechanics they call "crafting.

We’re halfway there, Fatshark. It’s still Upgrade Gambling, not Crafting.


If there’s only one post of a guy complaining about the system then the chance that it’s gonna get change will totally be 0% for sure.

Most of today’s game company just refuse to do anything outside of their “vision” unless the community is really pushing for it.


There are always 2 kinds of gamers. The ones that say they loose interest in a game, when they have all there is to play with. And the ones that still enjoy the game or even enjoy it more when they have everything.

You are one of the first mentioned. But this is a Horde clear game. And that falls under the same type like Diablo. If you are not playing it for the game activity itself and only for the looting part, you will sooner or later fall asleep in the middle of the game.
You are a collector. If you loose interest in the game because you already had enough luck to RNG roll the weapons you wanted, then be it so. There are others that still have not got anywhere near to their weapon or curio of desire. People who are sick and tired of investing time to gather resources just to get a +21% Health curio ruined by +12% XP and +8% Ordo docets.

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Most of the Vermintide 2 group didn’t fall asleep after they got their gear. Based on a small pool the people who want the grind seem to only be 1/4 the size.

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With Fatshark it is a constant battle with the players. They are stubborn and don’t want to listen to their playerbase. Vermintide 2 had many examples of this. People had to keep voicing their concerns with the systems until Fatshark finally listened. This is the same thing. People hate the locks on weapons.