Camo Expert is not fun for team

Something you can use to your advantage. Such as positioning in cover in a fashion that your Teammates can work and you still have the aggro. Meaning melee enemies will come to you, for you to dispatch them.

And you have a Brain Burst ability which you can utilize from behind cover. Also you clearly seem to have expected the Team to carry you through melee engagements, or you wouldn’t have an issue with dealing with melee threats.

Don’t blame the team for your poor choices.

Nah, based on your post you seem to have “asked” to be carried by the rest of the team… and are now complaining about having to do your part via smart positioning and tools given to you, that you choose to ignore.

It’s not the melee, it’s the ranged that is the issue. Melee is a joke to a psyker with any weapon due to the huge stamina regen speed not to talk about the huge CC capabilities of purge and trauma staves.

You have a veteran which has the most toughness in the game that is made for ranged combat. Pick toughness back on headshot kill and toughness reduction on ult and you can literally just stand in ranged fire and kill them without taking any health damage.

Psyker eats 1 volley from 1 ranged enemy and it’s all toughness gone, so it’s not fun when they are all after you and you spend most of the match trying to find trenches to dig in.

Brain Burst helps nothing against a ranged squad of 20.

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Having someone focus on specials using this feat is a god send really. Only issue is not having a proper sniper weapon makes it a rather weird feat to pick.

Sure the Plasma Gun would be a ideal as the veteran could use his ability to one shot anything on the map, but its effectiveness is only matched on how accurate the gun can be within a horde or non-horde moments.

I love having camo vets on my team. Let my oggy tank that stuff. One less person to babysit for me :slight_smile:

Then there shouldn’t be any problem, if you have no issue with melee and it is a “joke”.

So? And Cameo ensures they can be standing out there in the open and pick off the ranged enemies as well as having the time to hunt and aim at Specials like Bombers and Snipers. That is their job to do.

Your complain was you being alone on a team of Veterans. Those Veterans should be killing those 20 ranged enemies for you, leaving you to deal with the melee stuff and maybe crushers/bastions, depending on the Veteran’s weapon. You use your brainburst to open the shields of the Bastion, so your 3 Veteran friends can murder them as they stand there staggered. You use your other abilities on the Crusher… and usually someone of the Veterans will usually help you.

You can literally Dash out of cover, select a brainburst target and dash back into cover as you still brainburst and then enjoy the cover as you wait as your BB goes through.

Again, you are not alone on your team. It is not your responsibility on a Team of 1 Psyker and 3 Veterans to take 20 ranged enemies. If you want you can lend your Brainbrust for the matter tho… you can also use the fact that you can dash out of cover to BB and dash back into cover as you channel to draw the enemies fire and keep them in position, for your 3 Teammates, as they will keep shooting at your cover.

Your complaint so far was:

Meaning that it is entirely a skill issue and apparently according to this post reply of yours Melee isn’t the issue… and Ranged should be covered by Cover, Brainburst and your 3 teammates.

As Psyker you have at least 2 options to regain Toughness in cover. One is via BrainBurst, any kill will result in a Warp charge which recharges your Toughness, or by quelling peril… which allows you to literally stand in cover, build peril with your right mouse button on the Brain Burst and then quell it back down until your toughness is full.

At no point are you “crying in the corner” here. You can actively murder enemies with your Brain Burst, you will be able to, according to your own words, easily deal with melee enemies… so what is the problem?

The fact that you don’t get to do everything yourself? Ask your Ogryn friends how they feel when its a Room full of Ranged enemies and none of their weapons has the reach necessary to murder them without emptying half their ammo pool into the rough direction of the enemy in an attempt to sandplast the area for a new paint job… and the odd random hit of the enemy in the process.

Or that Flamer Zealot, who might not be as popular anymore these days… or the braced Autogun wielding Zealot or what have you, who all get to wait in the corner while other people deal with Ranged enemies…

Or you know… you get in there, get into melee, and murder them. Unlike everyone else, as Psyker you actually have the option to fight from total cover. You can dash out, brain burst, dash back as you channel… and the game does even give you damage reduction as you do this.

The only way you’ll do nothing is if you choose to do nothing. And the Psyker is more than just a means to ensure the Staff doesn’t fall down as you wait to use it.