Camo Expert is not fun for team

Camo Expert needs to be changed. Playing with 2 or 3 veterans with this on in Damnation and Damnation hi is absolute pain. Everything is going after you and if there is a range squad they will obliterate the first non vet they see.

This is a feat that on a player, severely affects the experience and difficulty of the game for other players without their approval.

I am a psyker with 100 toughness, I did not bring my Deflector FS, I did not opt in to tank the whole run for you. Take your share of the enemies so that I can play the game as well instead of crying in the corner and trying to hold on to my dear life as almost all the enemies are after me.

I did not ask for a Damnation solo run where I am the main star supported by automatic turrets so don’t force it on me by the choices of other players.


Approval? Lets start with knowledge. You cannot see people’s build or even gear before a match starts. I can see why that would be frustrating. Even on Ogryn or Preacher this would put a lot of pressure on you on damn hi intensity. The talent would be fine, if you could enforce class limitation when joining / creating games. :man_shrugging:


Same goes for Zealots that are build on movement speed and force everyone else to constantly SPRINT to keep up the pace, making them enter every fight with ZERO stamina.

Same goes for Psykers playing Gun builds instead of Staff, trying to do something that 2 other classes can do better.

Same goes for Shield Ogryns that use it to chill behind it 90% of the time.

It is not the Feat itself that is any problem. Veterans who know what it is meant for, will not affect the team in a negative way. They will keep moving and by that not triggering its effect. They will use it in situations where a clean aim without interference is needed to snipe special enemies, that would kill or damage a teammate.
I would gladly take on me more trash mobs if the trade for that is, that i know a teammate can safely kill that annoying bomber or sniper.


Yikes. You know a psykers arsenal is like 80% guns right?


That’s because he is one of 3 Human sized classes. That does not mean that it is a good idea to play it that way. The Psyker has the advantage that he can be played without the need of ammo. He has a Staff of every play style.

Having one more ammo user in team, that only does mediocre dmg with said ammo, is more a burden than helping. Pumping out a full Autogun mag into a far away bomber instead of simply BBing it seems to look cool. But it is not!


I love my shield, I’m looking into alternatives, but I hardly ever plonk It down… it’s pretty much the most useless thing I could do. Once we were caught in a corridor with ranged too far away and a veteran used my shield to take them out, but those situations are really few and far between.

At any rate, getting targeted because of veterans happens to me too, and I don’t mind in the slightest. Nearly everything I do is positioning and that often means finding cover to pull melee around and keep them away from psykers and marksmen. Even when I advance I need cover from the ranged or they will just obliterate me. Location location location.

I’m just getting into damnation, and I love the constant effort I need to do to position myself to not get obliterated and to be of use to my team. On occasion people will be obnoxious about my shield but that’s rare, and I am looking for alternatives, but I honestly find the shield and stubbed combo work for me as I can take out ranged reasonably well (especially when they’re grouped up) and keep all melee perpetually stunned while they either bleed to death or get picked off by the high damaged dealers. I am, however, looking into alternatives here… I need to see what the fuss is about.

Plonking down the shield though… hardly ever. It’s exceptionally situational.

Tbh: you keep repeating that in nearly every discussion, but i haven’t seen that behaviour in a while on damnation and most shield-users I happen to play with play quite aggresive and use the special for DH only … well, you could argue now, why one would bring a weapon on which one action is just not “existent” most of the time, but I think, thats the case for most guns …

As sad as it is, but the bayonet-stabs on ALL bayonetted weapons are laughable …

For sure the shield has its disadvantages and it performs suboptimal (perhaps) but that shieldgryns just plonk it and leave for supper is just not the case in my experience …

‘‘Nearly’’ is 1 time and that was the Discussion about that exact thing with the Tread title ‘‘Why is Shield Ogryn Hated’’

That is not true. Ripper and Hellbore bajonet attacks are a 100% safe way to push back Poxbombers and charging dogs.

Camo is the only way for low mobility vet builds to be viable without being babysat by ogryns and zealots though? Problem here is that the guys that went with you for that run weren’t putting out enough damage, and it’s also likely that you were being caught in bad positioning. It does sound rough though, if they were running high mobility builds and not helping you manage aggro they were assholes for it.

I used to use Camo but found it pretty obnoxious as a vet because to use it you have to give up your ability to reposition around the ogryns on the team for a clear shot.

And they’re terrible.

Besides being weaker, psykers receives a number of perks specifically for force weapons that you miss out on with guns not to mention the ability not to require ammo is a huge boost to your party’s overall effectiveness. By reducing the number of people who need ammo in your squad to 3 you’re not only increasing the amount of ammo your teammates can pick up, you’re increasing the amount of time they can spend shooting.

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Exactly what i was about to type, what we need is not a feat fix or change, we need ability to set one of 3 modes:

  1. darktide squad - no duplicates of the same class allowed (most likely will drastically increase time to search for a match)

  2. double trouble - 2 duplicates of the same class max allowed (dis one is more like a golden mid)

  3. rejects rush - duplicates of the same class allowed like it is right now (probably gonna be mode with fastest time to search for a match)

With dis 3 modes it will solve not just the TS problem but also a bunch of complains from other players that i saw on feedback too.

Idk mate, as zealot/psyker main i am absolutely love when my ogryn use shield, specially when there is a sht tonn of ranged pew pew guys far away…i would like ogryn to have some kind of mass taunt for a huge range, like bardin…i would actually add to ogryn kit a feat that is opposite of the vets camo - while standing still u become an easy target and make most enemies focus on you. (Call it straight “easy target”)

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Biggest grief in the game. I can’t play the class because the weapon pool is done too wrong by FS. I just get too angry. Give them more time, and maybe the class will be ready to play.

Note: this was mostly before the latest patch. Nowadays Melk just craps on you with guns instead of checking the shop and having it filled with guns also.

It also teaches vets to play wrong.

This would be great if you were an ogryn with shield

But in general that’s not ideal, but then neither is 3 veterans.

As a zealot player having a vet with Camo Expert can be really great when he is on top of enemy shooters. But there is definitely the flip side of joining a match with 3 vets using camo expert, I spend almost the entire time hiding in cover as every enemy in the hive shoots at me.
Honestly I think it is alright, sure it can be shitty sometimes, but so can anything, heck just one goof up team mate can get everyone killed that’s the nature of the game. So honestly I think it is fine.


Good thing that the most Vets on Damnation run the ‘‘Unwavering Focus’’ Feat
(+75% Toughness damage reduction from ranged attacks during Volley Fire.)
Plus 3 times 4% ability CD reduction on Curio. For maximum uptime as long as Voley Fire can be held up by killing designated targets.

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Now I don’t play gunpsyker but this is just flat out wrong. Where is the staff that has a DPS/DPM that’s even remotely in the neighbourhood of guns? Where’s the single target staff? Where’s the rapid-fire staff with more than 15 meters of range, ala autopistol or brauto?

The psyker has only four staves, and they are all lackluster and uninspired. Hell, 3 of them share the same close to worthless primary fire, and all of them have actually worthless ‘special’ attacks.

On topic:
Camo expert is just downright worse than the 75% damage reduction for any kind of semi-active playstyle. Even when I run helbores which require standing still to pop things, I would never dream of running camo. It only really becomes a serious problem when you have 2-3 vets and they’re all running it, though.


If only there were some way for FatShark to give Psyker a niche when using guns. I guess that’s too much to ask though. /S

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