Bug or Feature: Earned Blessings are locked to specific weapons

Issue Description:
Earned Blessings/Votive Offerings of the same type/quality are locked to specific weapons. Is this intended or a bug?

Focused Channeling - Earned blessing from Purgatus Staff does not apply to Surge Staff
Confident Strike - Earned blessing from Power Maul does not apply to Latrine Shovel

I’m hoping this is a bug, but I’m guessing this might be intended by design.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Select a weapon type (e.g. Purgatus Staff)
  2. Earn a blessing (e.g. Focused Channeling)
  3. Attempt to re-bless similar weapon (e.g. Surge Staff)
  4. Blessing is un-earned

Mission Name (If Applicable):

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Player ID:
[Steam ID/Steam Profile URL/GamerTag]

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
After patch 1.0.30

Reproduction Rate:

Upload Supporting Evidence:
Focused Channeling

Confident Strike

edit: updated Confident Strike - Power Maul picture


I wouldnt be surprised if its a feature, they have infernus for lasguns accatran lasguns and laspistols but they are all segregated meaning i cant use a lasgun infernus on a laspitol even tho it literally does the same thing as the laspistol verison of infernus

its an awful system


Read the patch notes more carefully. It’s in there.


What he said. It’s a feature. It sucks but people don’t want to accept this, blindly happy about having improved crafting.


I’m assuming by that you mean:

Except, that doesn’t actually describe this behavior. Let’s look at the full context of the relevant sections:

First off, why would we interpret something describing the functionality of Re-Bless to apply to Earn Blessing? Second, why would we expect non-unique blessings to be impacted? “Each weapon pattern has unique Blessings available to them.” Yeph, they certainly do. They also have non-unique blessings. “…you can only swap these with Blessings belonging to the same pattern.” As in, the aforementioned unique blessings.

Sure, it’s possible that they meant for that language to describe the behavior we’re seeing, but that would be a pretty obtuse and misleading way to describe it. I think its more likely that the non-unique blessings were simply an oversight.

In any event, the patch notes do not clearly describe the current behavior and this does indeed require clarification from the devs.

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This is indeed by design, but we’re going to see what we can do to make this more clear / less confusing.

After reading RobberFly’s post above yours – the confusion appears to stem from people not understanding what a weapon Mark is.

The patch notes were very clear using the language present in Darktide’s UI, this just shows that like everything else in the game – the UI needs a (Edit: presentation) pass. There are so many things that are hiding in plain sight or just simply not communicated to players inside the game itself (ie. Zealot taking zero damage while sliding in any direction or being able to Sprint at 0% Stamina.)

If players have to scrub internet forums to understand basic and crucial mechanics of classes and other things in-game, then the failure is ultimately on Fatshark.

(Edit: yeah presentation is the word I was looking for, thank you. [Original: parse-ability])

I think you’re right. This would be the key statement in that part of the patch notes:

After extracting the Blessing, you will earn the permanent ability to use this Blessing on another weapon of the same mark.

Even so, better presentation is certainly a goal worth pursuing.


But is this even true? I can Earn Blessing on Tier III Headhunter from an Agripinaa Mk IX Headhunter Autogun and apply it to a Vrak Mk III Headhunter Autogun. Unless I’m missing something, mark’s got nothing to do with it…

EDIT: The problem here seems to be that for whatever reason blessings that are shared between [Headhunter Autoguns] are fair game but those shared between [Agripinaa Autoguns] are not. Why would that be the case if the blessings are the same in both scenarios? It seems to be an arbitrary distinction to allow sharing of some of the non-unique blessings between some weapons but not others.


Hmm, sure yeah if there is any inconsistency then that is likely untintended

This issue should probably be opened as a separate bug report. That way it can get acknowledge and put into their database.

Good catch, I didn’t try checking cross compatibility on all weapon variants

Yes, you’re onto something there RobberFly. Apparently I didn’t process all of the information when I made that last comment. I asked around about your specific example, and was told that there is another defining attribute besides Mks that can be shared among weapons. As you’ve mentioned, those Headhunter Autoguns were able to share blessings, and that part of the name is a defining part of their behavior and attributes. The takeaway from this is that there is another key statement in that section of the patch notes, but it’s not immediately apparent if you aren’t familiar with the term.

Each weapon pattern has unique Blessings available to them, and you can only swap these with Blessings belonging to the same pattern.

“Headhunter Autogun” in this case would be a pattern. What exactly are patterns? Well, that in particular is one of the main things we need to work on properly conveying within the game. I’m not confident I can adequately explain it myself, nor am I sure on how much I’m allowed to say, but I definitely don’t wish to give out incorrect information. One trick I was told you can use to determine which blessings are compatible is to look at your weapon skins. If two weapons can share a skin, they likely can share blessings as well.

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Could you make the three chain weapons share some blessings like rev it up and bleed on special.
They don’t have a weapon family so it’s a real pain to just find blessing for them individually.

Thanks for confirming that. I had a big old post I had decided against earlier about how I suspected there simply wasn’t existing language available to refer to whatever logical grouping was being used and it was being invented as the patch notes were being written, leading to one person erroneously referring to it as “mark” and another referring to the pattern simply as “pattern.” The segment that defines “Headhunter” within the weapon nomenclature surely needs something more explicit than “pattern.” A weapon pattern could be anything. There are presently dozens of patterns to weapons.

That still doesn’t speak to why one set of criteria shared between weapons warrants having identical blessings carry over, while other similar weapons get overlooked. E.g., chain weapons as Bababoofa has pointed out, or other similar weapons that are grouped by other segments of the nomenclature, like “Agripinaa.” Though I suspect this is just a scenario where there is no good reason beyond “that’s just how we did it” and it would take more effort than some people think it’s worth to apply any changes that would bring cohesive logic to the system.

EDIT: It’s worth noting that no new terminology needs to be invented to refer to this pattern if identical blessings could simply be applied to all weapons that used them, as one would intuitively expect. The linguistic acrobatics are a symptom of the problem.

EDIT2: “Each weapon pattern has unique Blessings available to them, and you can only swap these with Blessings belonging to the same pattern.” I will refer back to how each weapon (or weapon pattern) does indeed have unique blessings, but they also have non-unique blessings, which seems to be being overlooked.

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This is incorrect, at least for psyker staves. I just bought a purgatory staff from melk with a t4 charge rate on chained attacks blessing, hoping to apply it to my surge staff.
I could not. All the staves can mix the skins though

The grind is the name of the game, right.

Thanks for bringing this up. I asked again, and apparently staves are the exception. So while they can share skins, they are still locked to their appropriate blessing pools. For all other weapons, the aforementioned trick should work. I apologize if I don’t immediately have all the answers, because to be frank, I’m still learning some of this right alongside the rest of you.


I like this. This is a sensible, player-friendly solution. (It also may be easier to implement than adding whatever UI would be needed to clarify the current internally-consistent system.)

TBH how it works is exactly how I expected it to after reading the Dev blog and patch notes. I think people must have had questionable reading comprehension to ever think this was gonna work across different weapon types frankly.

Okay, there are only two staffs that are the same “type”. The Voidstrike staff and Trauma Staff are both from the Equinox type. However, these two do not share Blessings. The “Nomanus” Surge Staff and “Rifthaven” Purgatus staff are different “types”.

From a collection standpoint, you must collect Blessings for 4 staffs 4 times across 4 tiers. This is only compounded by the loot pool for the Psyker. You’re talking about 4 staffs in a loot pool that is 36+ weapons. Better save your money and spam the “gray” items in the Armoury.

Edit: I originally wrote that the two Equinox staffs DID share Blessings.

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