Bug or Feature: Earned Blessings are locked to specific weapons

With current system it is possible to adjust blessings individually. For example, it is possible to nerf a Blaze away blessing for ripperguns while buffing it for autopistols.

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Removing it would be a great start.

Blessings should work on any weapon with the caveat being melee and ranged are segregated.

The balance would come from not being able to "re-use a blessing. Once it’s attached it can only be overwritten but not"earned " twice

The same blessings on different weapons already had differences before this patch, eg T3 Infernus on Accatrans did 1 stack on crit compared to 2 stacks on lasguns and laspistols.

This is the verbage that will be difficult to parse out. Even with the change to “the same mark” it’s still unclear that blessings are shared for weapons that share skins (with the staves being the exception).

Foe-Rend MK II Ripper Gun
Foe-Rend MK VI Ripper Gun

By saying “the same mark,” it still sounds like blessings can’t be shared between both guns since one is a Mk II and the other is a Mk VI, thereby leaving room for confusion.

I really can’t think of a way to clarify this statement easily. But the fact that blessings are shared between weapons that also share skins (again, with the exception of staves) is what concerned me initially.

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