[Broken Connection Patch 2.4] Did you change something in the netcode?

Hi Fatshark, love you and appreciate your hard work =)

25.04.20 - Connecting to game game session during active session
console-2020-04-25-14.58.25-d8250882-49e0-419d-9871-b0db7c739b47.log (1.0 MB)

So, we played the game, lost, but it doesn’t matter. Strange things occurred after scoreboard screen.
4 of us were in Keep. Elf decided to switch character from Handmaiden to Shade and then suddenly my game starts reconnecting…

15:21:10.685 [Lua] [ChatManager][1]System: Connecting to game session.

What does it mean? I was already connected to host with 2 other clients. Where does my game try to connect me? I’m confused.
These problems are common in 2.4.

24.04.2020 - Random disconnects in weaves
Look at this log: console-2020-04-24-17.28.37-5fd25d17-9548-40a8-8961-46d4e9d554a3.log (2.4 MB)
These two players:
and me 11000010659779e, we are neighbors we have good internet connections and almost no RTT latency.
Starting 2.4 when we play weaves, we have disconnects after loading screens, reconnects, host migrations after matches and other weird network related issues.

24.04.2020 - Host migration and session full messages when I’m alone
In this log: console-2020-04-24-15.50.58-87d766cc-4e95-46fb-8c29-1c4bb2a8e928.log (2.2 MB)

17:27:54.639 [Lua] PopupManager:queue_default_popup: Are you sure that you want to exit the game?

You are hosting a game with connected players. Closing the game will disconnect all clients.

I was alone in my game though. I tried to restart it because nobody could join me after weird host migration and Broken Connection errors. After 110000102226c36 tried to join me couple of times he gets message saying my session is full or something.

23.04.2020 - Unknown player and host migration to the unknown player
Here: console-2020-04-23-16.28.42-effe0b85-14f4-45d9-8736-e4d5a4a8591a.log (1.6 MB)
I played quick play and after couple of tries to kick one of players, player with name “unknown” appeared. There were some probably mod related issues with Tab screen after successful kicks (5 players on tab screen), but that’s not even the point. “Unknown” player? Steam showed his name properly through previous games. After the match game tried to perform host migration to this unknown player with insane timer like 90+seconds for sure (17:07:45.032).

Basically, i have issues in various lobbies regardless who is the host. Broken connections, host migrations, reconnects to nowhere started after 2.4 and i doubt it’s a problem on my side. As far as i can see some players experience same issues.

P.S. I know there is “acknowledged” tag, but can you please provide more information. How am I supposed to fix it (if it’s a problem on my side)? What do i need to say to ISP support (if it’s Internet connection issue), or what information do i need to provide to help you find the cause of the issue?

Or maybe it’s backend/playfab issue…
26.04.2020 - Broken Connection due to InternalServerError on backend.
after line:

11:57:11.786 [Lua] Complete level triggered.

console-2020-04-26-09.33.30-206d9987-8403-4537-8c8c-1c47c02110d2.log.zip (556.0 KB)

Our service provider was particularly unstable over the weekend. Because of that, it’s hard to know whether your issues are the result of that or if something else is at play. Would recommend that you continue to monitor it over the next couple of weeks.


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