Constant Broken Connections (Even When I'm Host)

50/50 chance the game just ups and closes giving a Broken Connection error since 2.0.10. I had no issues whatsoever since WoM launched, until the last patch.

Whatever is happening, it’s basically a coin flip now whether I can stay connected to a host. Even when I’m hosting the game myself, I still get the error “broken connection” and it boots everyone and the game closes returning me to the castle.

LOG from my last play-session where it happens in the last game. console-2019-09-14-05.49.13-1b12f642-ab0d-4089-98f2-57d8cdeeed88.log (1.6 MB)

So yep.

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I’ve queried this with one of our Network Engineers and hope to have an update for you next week.

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