6 Broken connections in the last 2 days

4 Broken connections when im playing solo after i won each game and saw the scoreboard.

1 Broken connection when i afk in the keep for a couple of mins. I got sent back to the keep and played fine afterwards.

1 Broken connection when i was in a duo game this morning after winning and saw the scoreboard.

Each time i see the scoreboard after winning a game i press the button to get back to the keep but instead i get a broken connection server error and return to the keep anyway. No problems afterwards each time it happens…

I’ve played the game fine with minimal technical issues since the day of release and never had this many broken connections in 3+ years…The last 36-48 hours has given me more broken connections than the last 3+ years of playing the game. Why is that?

This never happens in the middle of a game, always after winning. Idk if it happens when i lose a game because i rarely lose games and when i have lost a game it has not happened yet.

I’ve tried this and none of it helped: [PC] How to Resolve SIGN-IN TIMEOUT - COULDNT_CONNECT - CONNECTION TIMEOUT - COULDNT_RESOLVE_HOST Errors – Fatshark

Please fix your servers so i can play the game without interruption like i have been since the 8th of march 2018.

Some Steam disruption between 8:30pm and 9:30pm BST, but no alarming spikes in our backend. If your errors don’t correspond with the Steam downtime, I’d be inclined to believe this is more of a localised issue that I suspect will pass on its own.

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