Bring Back Fewer Hordes!

I’m not sure what happened to the Fewer Hordes mutator, part of me wonders if it was nuked because it was a modifier that made the game easier and yet still rewarded extra EXP, but I think it should be left as is.

It was a great feature to allow teams to try harder difficulties. The first Diff 4 mission I did with my team was a 4 with Fewer Hordes. I think it’s a great way to let people adjust the difficulty in their favour and is another modifier that people would be excited to see on the board.


Fewer hordes was lame and boring

I agree, Fewer Hordes was an excellent choice to test out new builds, learn maps, and with its small bonus to credits and exp it was a huge incentive to push to harder difficulties when you were levelling up.

I do believe it’s been removed for testing purposes, but there’s no telling when it’s going to be back.