Mutator "Fewer Hordes" seems bugged?

From what I understand it is supposed to lower the amount of hordes, but increase the intensity of engagements. But it only lowers the spawns of hordes and all other kinds of spawns, meaning even the few engagements you have are lower in intensity.

Is it supposed to do that? Or am I reading the description wrong?
Feels rather strange having a mutator that makes the game easier and rewards me for it.


I was about to post this same bug, just had a match with FEWER HORDES, and it was room after room with more and more specials. It is like playing the game on max difficulty even on rank 3 missions.

I believe that it is supposed to both reduce both hordes and specials per the description.

“Recon indicates lower enemy concentration in the Mission Zone. Expect fewer high intensity engagements and specialists”

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I think the idea is there’s fewer hordes and specials, but more placed groups of enemies and those groups have more elites. I seem to recall a Vermintide mutator to this effect.

Maybe I just read the last part with “Expect fewer high intensity engagements and specialists” wrong. To me it sounds like it will be fewer engagements but of higher intensity. Thats what I understand of it. I played V2 enough and saw enough in DT to question pretty much anything that is written out, since who knows what they really mean ^^’
Still would then be bugged since it affects all kinds of spawns and not just hordes and specials? (Could also be just the Ai director having problems)