Less Hordes Modifier reward

This modifier confuses me a bit… I appreciate it’s existence to make trying harder difficulties more approachable for lower levels and those who want to practice/ease into the madness… but I don’t see why it increases rewards?

If anything, it should be somehting like… "Less Hordes/enemies, but enemies are tougher (almost like 1 tier higher in HP, but not dmg) so you face less, but tankier enemies or something to balance it out, and thus worthy of a modifier reward.

otherwise it should technically reduce reward at the end?.. but I prefer the other way.


I agree its wierd but I’m glad it is in, that a change among all the other stuff that make the game more and more grindy ^^

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In regard that some systems are still not finished or not quite fun, I am glad we have at least such modifiers.
I say, let them be!

Maybe it is for higher difficulties? So if you usually playing 3rd, you can try 4th with this mod?