Make Low Intensity Meaningful, Not Easy

I get that the lwo intensity mod makes higher difficulties more accessible before one might be ready, or to dabble in it… but the fact it offers increased reward, for reduced difficulty just doesn’t make much sense to me.

On the other hand, endless horde, with double specials is also pretty ludicrous , though fun in a sense, but odd to see it net the same reward as otherwise easy counterpart of a modifier.

My suggestion would be to either:

a. Low Intensity reduces reward instead of increases it (not a fan of this however)

b. (preferred) Modify & distinguish:

  • Low Intensity reduced horde spawn rates, but double (or triple?), more frequent specialist+elite and ranged infantry spawn rates (so fighting small groups of elite infantry = still challenging, and a unqiue game experience)
    … focus on challenging tactical combat with elites and ranged enemies over dealing with hordes [bring ranged / elite killer loadouts recommended]

  • Endless Horde : Regular Elite+specialist spawn rates but with higher horde size & spawn rates
    … focus on the “horde” combat aspect [ bring melee / horde clear loadouts recommended]

** With the above, both modes offer a unique challenge/gameplay that could presumable be more difficult, and thus should be rewarded as such, than a regular run.

c. A third mode on top of the above two in b., which could be called “Fortified Stronghold” or “Heretic Stronghold” or “Nightmare” something like that, which is the existing Endless Horde mode currently in play, offering a higher bonus reward than the other two and features increased horde+specialist spawns as it is now for absolute chaos

Just my take on it… comment if you agree (or not)!


Low intensity could be like the vanguard modifier from VT, just replace all roaming enemies with elites.

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It would make more sense for that to be an entirely different modifier that could appear imo, and I hope it does.

Why would that make more sense? Low intensity makes zero sense, but reduced horde could absolutely play well with extra elites imo.

The more modifiers the better. Low Intensity could stay Low Intensity and Vanguard could be Vanguard.

Quality over quantity. Having a shite modifier like low intensity is not a plus in my book.

I hate low intensity, it’s very boring and forces me to stop queuing with quickplay while it’s on.

I agree with you. @Chrifer

I think it needs a name change and/or rework.

Changing the name first is the key, the perception right now is, “its going to be easier”. “Low intensity” is very suggestive in that sense.

I do admit my first time trying diff4 I played it with low intensity modifier. why not? An easier diff 4 with the same penance reward. Sure why not!

I could go either way, sometimes having a map be less demanding on my hands is for the better. I can try a new playstyle or hang back and watch everyones 6. I have played with one buddy who only wants to play low intensity all the time and is now worried about high intensity, for the fear of losing the mission/completing penance, etc.

I don’t think the game should have players who avoid modifiers since it lowers the completion %. These two modifiers directly conflict with one another, and split players.

Low Intensity vs High Intensity undermines the difficulties slider

This is why the game has 5 different difficulties, the higher difficulty you choose, the higher intensity you should be looking for. Having a low-high modifier just doesn’t gel well with the games design.

A solution could be to combine the intensities into one modifier. Lets call it “Volatile”

Volitile Modifier (Combine Low and High into one modifier)

Summary: The mission has a variable intesity slider. The AI director can roll a room (section of a map) to be a high, standard or low intensity. That combined with Audio narrative from Morrow or Command could ramp up the engagement.

(low intensity audio)“Looks like the pack is dwindling out” Said Morrow " These next few rooms won’t have as many hostiles."

(High intensity) “Hostiles ahead.” Morrow alerts “They seem to be gathering in larger groups ahead. Proceed with caution.”

I think this can fix both modifiers, by combining them into one, and also allow for a more immersive mission since you are receiving audio cues from command.

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