Brief summary of the PC Gamer magazine article

I copied from a post on Reddit. Maybe someone will want to read it

1/ pub crawl event on the 8th

  • drink ale
  • slurred conversations
  • get buffs from drinking
  • don’t drink for too long and you get hungover
  • drink too much and you fall over

2/ winds of magic

  • probably include an introductory level
  • objectives so far include: killing a number of enemies, killing a number of a certain enemy type
  • followed by a final event like: survive waves of enemies, two bosses at once
  • higher difficulties scale the wind effects, e.g. less healing on the healing one
  • weaves won’t be randomised so that leaderboards are fair
  • score based on time to complete and damage taken
  • set amount of preset maps which repeat and scale

3/ beastmen

  • gors equivalent to clanrats or rotblood raiders - the main grunts of the army
  • ungors with spears that try to keep you out of reach
  • experimenting with large groups of ranged ungors
  • bestigor is elite which charges a la footknight
  • minotaur: the beserker version of a boss
  • no “lone operative” specials, instead standard bearers which buff allies, e.g. invulnerability buffs
    4/ new difficulty and rebalancing of existing difficulties to promote teamwork
    5/ saltzpyres billhook lets you push enemies away and pull one back in
    6/ kerillian “sword and spear”, probably a typo of shield and spear
    7/ bardins throwing axe is a “blueprint for throwing stuff”
    8/ author saw future stuff that fatshark isnt ready to announce. coming soon™

edit: clarification on gors being equivalent to clanrats


When do I unlock this sexy big boi?

Very nice though. Looking forward to the next couple months.


Is that just an edited pic, or a mod? XD

Oh boy.

New DLC coming on April 1st.

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