Bounty Hunting

I have an idea of how to… let’s call it complicate a run for more/better loot. Bounty hunting will work like this, it will add 2 new boss jobs, one chaos and one skaven. A chaos marauder and a skaven champion. When defeated they drop a loot die as usual, and they also drop their dead body. Here you have a choice…

1: take the loot die and be on your merry way no further action required, hope you enjoyed the monster fight as much as any rat ogre or bile troll

2: you eye that body and realize…there is a bounty on this guy. You pick up his body (like a barrel for example but dead and valuble)and haul it all the way back to the portal at the end of the mission.

Let me break this down easy for you:

-new miniboss mobs added called bountys

-drop both a loot die as normal when killed, also drop a body, also called a bounty

-you can carry the bounty just like a barrel or gargoyle head, you can also climb ladders with if if needed to finish the level, but can’t fight.

-bounty can be dropped and picked up as needed, but if you throw it off a cliff/fall off a cliff while carrying it…well outa luck I guess.

-exiting the level while carrying a bounty will grant your party a hefty exp boost as well as progress to a better loot box ie:tome, grim, loot die

-new portrait frames centered around being a feared bounty hunter!


<3 it, akin to certain barrel quests from VT1. However, they should be optional and spawn in an off or not typically explored area of a map that is out of the way of the main path that most people take to progress through. They should NOT drop a dice, their corpse IS the prize and it should count as much loot points as a Grim. Make it so there’s 4 mini targets, 4 corpses to lug around …now THAT’s a challenge

I think it’s hilarious to lug around corpses around the map but
realistically, wouldn’t I just carry the target’s head as proof?

Couple things…1: bounty hunter’s paradise deed modifier…four bounties, all are required to progress past smoke wall. 1 for first wall, 2 for 2nd…ect ect.

2: cut off the head…hmm good point. The bounty is a giant chaos warrior and his giant armored head is a barrel sized bounty?? Ogre maybe?

Hunt down a chaos spawn… trophy for the bounty is its tentacle?

On a more serious note, bounties sound fun. What if there were a portal somewhere in the level that teleport the players to an arena boss battle with the bounty? The boss could have their own retinue/bodyguards, and instead of a barrel sized object to be carried to the end, you have the trophy as either a backpack like object or hanging from the players belt?

Make it so that human sized heads take up a potion slot like a grim, and have the heads just dangling off character belts. Large sized creatures are the ones you need to lug around.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m still all for lugging around corpses. Maybe make it so that downed players are no longer “captured” and respawn but you have to lug THEIR corpse around to a “revive station” like a shrine to Shallya through out the maps.

This makes for great trolling of your friends by desecrating their corpses beyond the typical t-bagging.

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That sounds rad.

Nothing really to add, I just like that idea a lot. I’d love to see something like that implemented in game, especially with voice lines and whatnot.

I like the idea of small random side objectives and even having marked/priority targets, but I have to wonder if the carrying mechanic would be kind of a not-fun one.

The base concept looks really awesome, but as Salp said, it would have to be extremely well done or else it will just be terribly annoying.

There are two ways I could see it, either with or without the carrying mechanic.
-If you forget the carrying mechanic, just spawn the bounty target in a special area, and killing it drop his head, which you can carry on your bomb slot (maybe give the team a debuff but meh… Attract ennemies from further maybe ?). Basically it’s a Grim with combat mechanic, which makes each levels contains 3 tomes, 2 grims and 1 bounty.

-With the carying mechanic, the bounty could roam a small area that’s usually “outside” the path of the maps, even tho it could be hard to find on some maps :confused: Maybe he’s followed by his group, but only his death matters. Walk speed with the body should be quite slow (not too much for enjoyment purpose), RB would be the usual push, and LB would throw the corpse, knocking down light enemies hit, and staggering heavier ones.
Either makes the roaming zone near the bridge of shadow (after the half of the map), or place “delivery point” where you need to drop the corpse.

Honestly, even tho I feel the first idea boring, I fear the second one simply lack of real challenge/fun. You’re basically bringing a barrel that can’t explode from point A to point B, dropping it down to fight and grabbing it back after…

With that said, if done correctly, I can entirely get behind some “side objectives” with more flavour than just tomes and grimoires.

Carrying a corpse quest is no different from map mechanic quests where you needed to carry a barrel/gargoyle head/torch/garden gnome around with you for the whole map. The difference here is, some of that was REQUIRED, this is an off the path option. If you’re willing to out of your way to hunt down something and extend play time on a map, you’re already committed to the task. Books are not really out of the way of a typical travel path through a map.
It could just as well be equally annoying to escort an incompetent AI NPC from start to finish.

New daily quest idea: reward Emp Chest on Champ, Emp Vault on Legend, etc:

Bounty: (as mentioned above)

Escort the Prisoners from Against the Grain to safety. You get 1/3 of a loot dice for each peasant who reach safety alive.

Escort a Bogenhafen noble to safety in The PIT
Escort Olesya around in Righteous Stand
Escort Painter around various maps to get inspired for new portraits

Food/Supply quest: retrieve bags/boxes/barrels of food/supplies/powder for the keep (like in V1)

Saboteur: Go to out of place areas in a map to sabotage enemy equipment.

These are the worst. A “head” that fills a bomb slot or whatever I can get behind, but carrying something all the way through a level in your hand or on your shoulder is just an exercise in frustration.


so you’d be against my idea of no more respawning on death but rather drag your friends’ corpse(s) around to respawning locations instead? :frowning:

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From a conceptual perspective it sounds alright. From a gameplay perspective I think it’d be frustrating. I think we’d see people getting kicked when they die a lot more often. I’m thinking about things like the rune mission in Gardens of Morr where we had to carry the gargoyle head through 3/4 of the map. That was the worst.

I didn’t mind it. It was a one time quest with no real reward. Anything NOT fun should be avoided sure (like the weekly mutators)…unless there was an incentive for me to care. These are all optional daily quest ideas as opposed to the current bland quests of just “PLAY THE GAME”, now THAT’s boring. Being rewarded twice for playing is akin to xbox achievements like “You STARTED THE GAME!” or “You FINISHED the tutorial”
You don’t like the daily quest? Don’t bother with it, no sweat off your back right?

Of course, but I hope you don’t mind being the one to carry the thing every time, because I sure as hell aint’ doing it.

I’m definitely not against having some more interesting daily missions. The ones we have now complete themselves through just playing the game. They’re basically just free chests every couple of games.

I certainly don’t mind, my first response was that I love the idea of lugging around a corpse, even better if it’s a teammate’s corpse!

I’m glad people like this idea so much. I’m open to most of these changes but PERSONALLY I wanna lug some big body, or tentacle, around

The key to the fun in this game is the combat. Anything that has any player not able to engage in combat or slow the whole party down is downright foolish.


Almost everyone in my group of 5 kweli each chose a charecter) says it’s the sence of comrades on an adventure that is most fun and the combat, while important is 2nd. However everyone plays their own way.

I love the idea of escorting an npc vip like a rich merchant / fat head cleric /nobleman / warhammer specific lord. could be a guest voice actor someone who is playing a 5 charisma character insulting the whole crew all the way through for being peasants and plebs and then possibly getting some come uppance at the end.

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