Why is noone talking about this glaring issue?

Monsters need to drop a loot die when you kill them. Otherwise, everytime after killing a monster and running towards their coprse in anticipation of cuboid goodness, me and every other Vermintide veteran will be immeasurably dissapointed and our run ruined.
The loot die doesn’t even have to do anything in game besides giving me a nice sound and a chat notification upon pickup.
Thanks for coming to my TED talk.


make it a bounty, like a body part that you collect and give a anatomist/deamonologist for study he then gives you money and unique crafting materials for it.

that would be my idea


I mean the loot die increased your chance for better lootboxes in the endscreen, but it looks like (from the beta build perspective) we dont get these, so it make no sense. If they drop something else like ammo/mediboxes that would be fine or better yet stuff that you need for the side mission.

I think if you get a bit of bonus money or xp from a defeated boss that would be enough

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This was supposed to be a glaring issue?.

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