Loot Dice

i think it would be a nice addition for the random spawn bosses to drop 1 loot die.
My reason for that is that it is obviously a challenge, which should be considered for earning better loot.
Especially the Chaos spawn feels like a real challenge and most of the time it comes with a horde.
Often you find your team getting 2 bosses in a game which makes it even harder getting through it successfully.
Then there is Hunger in the Dark, a dangerous map because of the dark part. It would give a better reward with 1 safe loot die. Further it would buff Skittergate, but i think in that case it will still not be enough for people to run it without exploits.


I love this idea. Bosses provide a lot more challenge in V2 than they do in V1, where a competent team vaporizes them in seconds.

I think this is alright. I hate Ranalds middlefinger.
I don’t like the way loot dice are not garuanteed to spawn on a mission. I would prefer it if you are certain they spawn, but it is always random where they will be.

Granting them after a boss fight is perhaps even a better solution.

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Or maybe make the boss acting like loot-rats at the death ?

this make more chance to have the 2 precious dice at the end of the game and get few potion / healing stuff or bombe can alway be cool as a reward after a hard fight :slight_smile:

whatever, i agree with the idéa to see a boss dropping something when they die =)

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