Bots need to stay in the game until players load in

On the xbox version - leaving crashes and disconnects aside - when a random player joins and starts loading in, the bots disappear. On higher difficulties this is a problem because I often run a group of two, and when we turn around, the bots are gone and we are alone for several minutes while they load in. I assume leaving the bots in until those players spawn is an easier solution than having the players load faster or spawn on the group, although those would both be great as well.

The game is a lot of fun, which is why I talked people into buying it, but the online functionality feels dated.


Yes! Also the spawning locations are either right on top or waaay too far from the group.

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once upon a time, in a map called the dungeon, a victim… err i mean person joined into a game. and he spawned in complete darkness because the rest of the group decided to move on and cant go back to light the path. LOL


That’s because the player drops in where the bot was when the player started loading in. If the group doesn’t wait for you to load in, you can find yourself alone (well, maybe with an assassin nearby).

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