Keep bots until new player loads please


Wow. Just fresh from a mission where game decides to pluck 3 bots from the game leaving me with a freshly dropped bile troll, one quick assassin approx 8 seconds later …end of round. Slightly pissed off, i shrug and try again…load up with a person this time + 2 bots. Exactly same spot, 2 bots disappear…we stay there and wait for over 4+ minutes (an eternity in-game) 4 ASSASSINS spawn rapid fire, the 2 players finally show up as the other guy with me is being completely stabbed into red paste. The 2 new arrivals get jumped and die. All within possibly 12 min.
This is maddeningly frustrating and shouldn’t go this way.
This makes zero sense, I understand if the problems with syncing/netcode involving players joining in less than 4+ min could be solved they would be…it’s ridiculous in its own right. Not even getting into huge ping times and instability with connecting to others’ games!
Keep the bots in the game please until the resources they bring in-game are replaced with a player!! Its outweighing the desire to play your otherwise awesome game.
Fix it Fix it Fix it!!
Dang such BS…I don’t want to have to refer to this game in the past tense if possible yet pls.
Thanks for your consideration.


I think a nice solution to this would be for the players to spectate the bot they will replace once they’ve loaded in - then use some key to actually take over or replace.

Perhaps you should flag this for all platforms since it’s relevant for all 3


Having a team member - whether a bot or a player - simply vanish at the same time as the AI director has some serious anger issues and spawns bloody everything has cost me a run or two at least.

[edit] tag PC too, Kaizen is right - it’s relevant to the Masterrace too!


agreed this need to be looked into.

standing there in a fight with even a single team member missing is not good in any situation.

Thats a great idea.

@Fatshark: I hope you think about such changes.

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On a similar note, it would be nice if there were a visual indication (column of light, glowing fireball, cirle of light on the ground, etc) placed where the new player is going to spawn in. Something other than chat message and portrait indicators, which a lot of people seem to ignore.

Good suggestion. Some players when they join are so slow you lose a helper.

Indeed, this how it works in Left 4 Dead. When a new player joins they spectate the bot and they can click LMB to jump in and start controlling them at any moment. There is even the possibility of a player going back to spectator mode if they need to AFK for whatever reason, in which case the bot will take over seamlessly.

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Except in versus in which they’re thrown into the fray, sometimes in horrible scenarios, but that’s irrelevant.

L4D hasn’t got the range of classes and characters that VT2 has, and so removing the bot seems the only way to load in the right character and class.

Load them in the background or something then switch once they’re connected.

It’s the map that takes longest to load, let the map load first, then remove the bot and load in the character

yeah seems like a good suggestion. I agree the bots should stay till player is fully loaded into the game.

I agree. L4D got a number of things right.

Some of us don’t have the best connection. I’ve had maps were I’m playing through a map and people are constantly joining/leaving because of connection issues. This leads to me playing most of the game missing a bot.

Keep my default bot in play. Load in the other player’s bot. Replace my bots configuration with his bot’s configuration. Let the player observe his bot in combat. Let the player choose to engage by pressing LMB.

This would make life so much better. For the record, I’m playing on a PC.

YES!!! I have been so frustrated with this!!!
If you ever want to play with an actual person message or invite me :slight_smile:
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