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This has been asked before but I haven’t been able to find a followup on the matter :

  • When someone joins the game, a bot disapears until the joining player has finished loading.
  • When the player joins, most of the time he spawns behind if the team doesn’t wait up.
  • Sometimes the player just timesout or kills the game when the loading is too long and you’re just left with one less bot. Not that I really on them too much but still it doesn’t feel right.

This is really annoying sometimes when you get people joining with low specs computers.
Most of the time people just don’t wait up and you get swarmed so you have to kill trash on your own to catch up to your team.

Sometimes I wait up, sometimes I don’t, depends on the mood really but some people get frustrated about it.

Couldn’t you put people in a queue until they finish loading and then make the bot disapear?

Also, it would be nice when the party is full to be able to join as spectator and then maybe fill up the slot. Or even (just like in Left 4 Dead) have the possibility to just go “AFK” to let the bot fill in so you can have time to answer the door and grab your pizza for crying out loud.

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Well its team game, ppl not giving a shiet about teamwork happens. If you dont want to wait just make it private

What a nice answer. Also out of the subject.


I actually think they fixed this; bots stay in until the player is about five seconds from being ready to play. At the very least, I’ve noticed that I am never down someone during a horde anymore; if I am, it’s because the player took over my daring-do bot and ran off to be a bugger elsewhere on the map.

How often is this happening for you? The spinning wheel over the characters face shows that the bot has been removed in preparation for the player, but it only really happens for me for 5 to 10 seconds at most.

I also agree with you on the ‘spectator’ thing; its a very cool idea!

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Although there’s the whole issue about different character models in VT2, L4D2’s method of having someone be “afk” and absent(but the bot is still playing), until the player takes control is awesome. When you’re elbow deep in a horde fighting a boss and 2 Bots vanish because 2 players join its usually instant pummelling time. Some kind of thing allowing the joining player to choose when to take over from the bot would be great.


@Torantolis is correct. From the 1.6 patch notes:

Bots will now despawn nearer to the time in which a player assumes control over them. Players will now join the game closer to the group when assuming control of a bot.

I’m guessing this won’t remove the problem completely, but it’s still likely a big improvement.

This is a bit off-topic but please Fatshark add the option that you can still use the social wheel or tag enemies when you are waiting to be rescued. As the cameras are fixed to the other characters that wouldn’t be too imba (i.e. no scouting ahead) and would give you an option to ease your guilt-ridden soul by being at least some help to the team while you’re out. It would also make down-time less of a pain in the d*ck and might prevent people from just outright leaving when they go down.

Or even be able to use ranged weapon to certain limits?
In L4D you could use a simple handgun to assist (to a point) people rescueing you.
In vermintide I just feel like a tied hobbit.

Actually I meant when you’re already “dead”. When you’re just down you can still use social wheel and tags. But sure enough giving you at least some options when downed would be nice too.

I started this conversation right after witnessing a bot disappear and see the new player load for minutes.

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