Don't despawn bots until a player actually joins

I know this have been suggested several times before, but it needs to be repeated and it really can become a problem for some hosts, like if 3 people join during a nasty horde/patrol/boss combo and you’re suddenly alone for a minute…

It shouldn’t be that hard to change, and I don’t see why it is the way it currently is. Perhaps there is some “hidden” backend limit that we’re not aware of?


it was, but fatshark decide to make a change.
+1 anyway.

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We need this desperately on Xbox. It can take between 1-3 minutes or more for a player to join after the bot dissapears. If you get more than 1 player joining, you’re basically going back to the lobby. You’re in the middle of a horde, doing a good job, then suddenly you get hit becuase you’re the only one in the group for the next 3 minutes.

I have a friend that’s very into the PC version, but he plays on Xbox with some of our old friends. He couldn’t believe how long it takes for players to spawn in on Xbox compared to PC.

I actually prefer playing with Bots in a closed game than in a open quickplay, because people on my friends list can join when I tell them it’s safe. Yes, you can wait to start the match until people join the lobby, but there are fewer players on Xbox. They also jump in and out. Xbox NEEDs this. You get randomly wiped becuase people tried to join. That needs to stop.

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