XB1 slow joining

It takes forever to join a game on XB1. And while it’s inconvenient to the person joining, it’s possibly detrimental to the person hosting. This is because the bot getting replaced by a live player will disappear as soon as the joining process begins. So the host could potentially be all alone if 3 people join at one time, and as we all know, that’s a nearly guaranteed death sentence in this game. Also, when the new people joining finally get in, they are at the location the replaced bot was when the joining process began, which could be quite a ways back depending on how long it took to join and how much the people actively playing pushed forward during that time.

I think both the time it takes to join and the loss of the team member during that time needs to be addressed. I know I tend to host a game myself and set it to private just so I’m not sitting around vulnerable and alone while people try to join. Would much rather play with other people, but it’s just such a risk at this point.

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