Losing bots for extremely long amounts of time when a player joins or leaves (XB1)

Issue Summary:
When a player joins or leaves your game on Xbox One, the bots usually disappear for 3-5 minutes, and sometimes significantly longer. This is further compounded by the fact that no players will finish joining the game and no players will respawn until all joining players have finished joining the game. This fairly commonly leads to situations such as: player one joins the game, then four minutes later player two joins the game. Now player one has to wait 3-5 minutes more for player two to finish joining before he can join. After a couple minutes, player one decided that joining the game is taking too long and quits the game. A third player the joins in the slot originally occupied by player one, now adding yet another 3-5 minutes into the load time. By the time the players finally load in, the host has been missing bots for 10+ minutes, and the players who load in are extremely far behind, if the host has not already died from being down two players.

This issue is extremely prevalent, and I know multiple players who have stopped playing quickplay, or even stopped playing altogether, because players joining your game puts you at such a disadvantage for such a long time.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Start up a game on the Xbox One
  2. Have someone join
  3. For further issues, have someone else join when the first person is almost finished joining, or have a downed player waiting to respawn when someone joins.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

Constant (100%)

Additional Information:


Bump. Biggest turn off for hosting a quick play match, this is the reason I personally no longer host…I get halfway through the map only to have all of my bots disappear during a chaos spawn

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