Spawning too far from party

I have run into alot of frustration lately when trying to join matches in that as when I get dropped into an existing game, it seems like it chooses my spawn point before the game actually loads fully, so by the time I am past the loading screen, I spawn all alone with the party so far away I cant even see their green outlines anymore. Then I just get grabbed by a hookrat or something after 10 seconds.

I understand why this happens, because it chooses a spawn point near the party, but by the time it loads the party is long gone, im just curious if its possible for the game to choose your spawn point a bit later in the loading process. I played about 6 games last night I was only able to truly play 2 of them due to this.

Again, I understand the why, just wondering if it can be improved in any way, and if anyone else has had these problems. I’m on Xbox One by the way.

Frustrating as hell when you get spawned so far back to get instantly jumped by a Gutter Runner with no way for your team to help you in time.

It’s where the NPC is when you load in. If you have your game on a SSD it can help with loading times, getting you in faster. But, it really comes down to the team. When I see someone is joining into my game, and I’m about to drop down a ledge that I can’t get back up. I’ll stop and wait for the person to load in before moving on.

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