Bots Need Significant QoL Tweaks

I was going to make this a comment on this thread, but my comment grew so long I thought maybe it should be its own post.

Can we get some improvments to the state of bots? I know that it’s a very difficult thing, to program AI, but there are some very basic changes that could potentially create a much better experience when you have to use them.

The optimal solution would be allowing players to control things like where bots move and what they do with items, along with more robust AI, but I know that’s not nearly as easy as it sounds. So here are some common bot problems and some relatively simple work-arounds. Maybe they’re harder than they sound - but since many exist in mods, I’m thinking they’re doable.

Problem 1: Bots cannot seem to stay out of gas, fire, or other damaging areas
Easy Solution: Give bots an innate damage reduction against AoE damage.

Problem 2: Bots cannot do platforming and frequently take fall damage (such as with the second grim on hunger in the dark, they will always miss the ledge that you’re supposed to aim for and fall all the way to the main path, taking significant damage.)
Easy Solution: Give bots an immunity to fall damage.

Problem 3: Every time I want to change characters, I have to either switch to every relevant careers and change their class and loadout to those optimal for the low-intelligence bots. This is a QoL problem for the most part.
Easy Solution: Bot Loadouts. There was a mod that did this, please just bring that into the game, let us set what classes and loadouts they use from a menu instead of swapping back and forth would be a great QoL improvement.

Problem 4: Bots will frequently let the player die if they go down even when they can rescue them. This happens often even if they are right next to the player - and Ironbreaker Bardin will never even attempt a revive during his ult (one of the safest ways to revive in the entire game).
Solution: Increase the priority for bots to revive for players specifically.

Problem 5: Bots frequently run away from the player for various reasons, or get stuck where jumping or geometry is involved. The only solution in many cases is to press on a significant distance alone until the bots warp to your side (leaving the player vulnerable to instant-loss from disablers). This also makes it easy to lose bots, as they can be easily grabbed by disablers themselves.
Easy Solution: There’s a mod out already that adjusts the distance at which bots will teleport to you. Just reduce the distance. For known trouble-areas, just make them auto-teleport across them when the player has crossed.

Problem 6: Bots love to stand in the line of fire of players. They seem to leap into the path at every opportunity. I know that this can happen for innocent reasons (the bot is behind you and you stop) but it seems like they are INTENTIONALLY doing it.
Easy Solution: Bots should always move out of the player’s line of sight when they are holding a weapon.

Problem 7: Conversely, when holding a medpack, bots seem to try to stay out of your line of sight. I might be imagining this, but it seems as if there is behaviour coded for them to avoid standing in our way when shooting and to stand in front of us when we have healing items, but some code is bugged and they act in the reverse.
Easy Solution: When holding a healing item, bots should not move if the player is looking their way.

Problem 8: It’s good that bots can pick up tomes now, but since they still drop them for healing items, it’s easy to lose them.
Solution: Don’t let bots pick up books unless told to, and they they should only drop them when told.

Problem 9: Bots fall off cliffs all the time - especially if there is a Ratling Gunner, they will leap off rather than get shot or walk through fire to reach cover.
Easy Solution: Program them to not walk off cliffs.


Bots definitely need work, as they are now (especially without the mod) it can be borderline unplayable if youre the only one in the game. I do not think that giving bots damage reduction or immunity from different types of damage will be helpful though. It might open up cheese strats within the game and wouldnt fix the core problem. Bots need a massive overhaul, and FS really needs to look into getting them fixed.

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I really don’t like the damage reduction idea, myself, but I was trying to offer the very simplest possible fix. Though the falling damage one isn’t too bad, I think - there aren’t that many spots it’s relevant, the issue that bots are 100% unable to deal with it properly sometimes.


Yeah I feel you. It is beyond frustrating having to deal with these bots.
Theyre even worse than people in my L.O.L. ranked games lmao


All of this is true, bots require attention from developers so much.

And it must be done as soon as possible while the game is not completely abandoned.


fatshark should let modders improve the bots. that way, they dont need to do anything excapt for sanctioning the mods

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Except for the fact that the one modder who did improve the bots has essentially abandoned his mod.

It’s just better for Fatshark to fix the bots as they most likely will not be sanctioning mods years after they discontinue support for the game.


Also, please don’t forget - there is a very big problem "Interaction bots with ammo".

The bots went crazy after patch 3.3, the way they grab all the ammo, run after them in the middle of the horde, and get stuck when they can’t reach is very ruining my game.

I have detailed everything here: Bots and Ammo problems

That horror still not fixed!

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