About those bots fixes

First games with bots of the day and :

Bardin ( not sure why this guy especialy ) tend to stay behind a lot and did trigger a pat out of nowhere and without using his ult ( see his hp/ult bar )

Here now we having bots very far from me having big troubles to come up ( all of them )

Here we have 3 dummies focusing the ogre on the stair and having trouble to dodge so the chunky lad got them in no time but Salt standing in front of them doing nothing for at least 1 minute and then got Kruber back up

Now for the real stuff that Garden of morr has to offer
here it’s salt who got stuck here after i’ve ordered him to take the tome and trigger a pat by standing still

Here we got pictures of bots getting stuck waiting for me to get away before moving.
Notice how Kruber never using the health pot and spoiler he never drink for the entire run whatever Thp left because why not.

Here too

Now we got the “avoid bathing in the gas fix” not working

Now for the last event is a completely mess so here’s a compilation of : getting stuck bathing in the gamer juice, dying, getting stuck again and doing funny poses.

In conclusion : bots shoot specials easier but flamethrowers and some troubles with the leeches,
sticks to you more ( being awkard sometimes when enemies are close but they would not react ) but have tendencies to run away from you for reasons and i’m not talking to just stuck issues.
They are not dealing good with tornadoes and gas still
They still cannot be trusted to take grims.
They cannot avoid triggering patrols.

Everything you see came after around 1 hour of games.

And lot of pepega moments.
Hope to see progress soon.

I wish i could record instead of doing screenshot but i have terrible internet, sorry.


All these fixes and yet I only saw one that could be considered a fix: bots no longer take fall damage.

It’s a tacit admission that bots have terrible AI and should just cheat. Like how bots don’t take damage from the event rings in Enchanter’s Lair.

The fix should be they no longer take gas damage, like 99% DR so it can still pop Gromril or Barkskin.

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Ignoring what they can’t dodge right ? for environements i would 100% agree, but for gas, flames and tornados it would be a shame that is not possible for them to deal “properly” with it.

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Bots get immunity to the ring explosions of the Enchanter’s Lair fight, a static and repeating pattern, on flat ground, without obstacles, because their “intelligence” is too incapable.

How can bots be expected to predict incoming gas globes, path to safety beforehand and in the same direction as a player, not walk into the gas while performing attacks, avoid other threats like gunners, take into account terrain that could make pathing difficult, etc?

The Bot AI is overwhelmed and underpowered. It should just have cheats to make up for the lack of skills. Like practically every AI of the late 90s.

Therefore I believe bots should have the following to make up for their stupidity:
Ledge invulnerability unless by monster knockback. Otherwise they just teleport to safety.
AOE damage reduction, storms, gas, lamp oil; invulnerability. And large reductions against elites and monsters (they never realize that an overhead can hit them because they weren’t the original target)
Bonus to temp HP generation or a slower rate of decay, as they suck at earning it and keeping it.
Innate block cost reduction that assists their survival when they make bad positional choices.
Bonus movespeed at all times in the neighborhood of 40% when moving towards a player controlled hero, or a much smaller teleport tether.
Instant order completion, they don’t try to path to a book or item and get stuck, instead the item teleports to their inventory.
And depending on how the AI handles ‘sniper’ weapons; bots should have double or triple ammo to offset their bad targeting behaviors.
Instant revive speed, bots will often start a revive and then decide they didn’t really want to help the player and go back to blocking while standing there.

All this wouldn’t help their behavior that prioritizes running off to a gas rat and pressing IB taunt right next to it, all the while a player is bleeding out. But it would reduce some of the frustration of their nigh uselessness.


They should just revert bot AI to grail knight patch, remove fall damage and call it a day. They obviously can’t fix them and its causing more problems rather than solving them.

Its OBVIOUS that this wasn’t play tested on legend+ and I’m just going to play when i know folks are going to be online ( not often ) until this is fixed.

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Enchanter’s lair is kinda recent, i like thinking about halescourge bossfight where they rush into the tornado like a ritual.
Again i don’t think making them cheat is a good way to “balance” them, i don’t mind them dying, dying less can be appreciated, especialy from Aoe damage.

If we are at the point to make the bots cheat (which is not good for a coop game) i would prefer having to tweaks instead like people joining will spawn close to the host with a minimum amount of HP ignoring if the bot is dead or not ( which will need some work to avoid abusing behavior) and preventing bots loosing grim from dying unless you told them to drop it.

Add to this reducing the range before they teleport to you, unable to trigger a pat and can someone also tell the devs to make the bots avoid ***** on your line of sight ?

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