Boss slams bypassing shields

If a player is too close to the boss, the boss slam will still hurt the player through a shield.

If a player isn’t looking at a boss when they’re in this small forward cone(similar to that of a dagger), the slam will bypass a shield.


Feels like this is intentional. Shield should not be able to block overhead slams such as this one.

It’s not. It was changed early in the WoM betas to make shields more viable. It was also a greatly requested feature for shields to help make them more viable.

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See the 2.0 patch notes:

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Thank you. That is the note I was looking for. :slight_smile: Couldn’t find it so I thought it may have been an early beta patch note, but didn’t think it was.


I know about this change, I was in the beta, but that does not change the possibility that the hit through block on this particular boss move is intentional.

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